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Simply Relax with Simply Cheerly 

An easy-to-use Diffuser paired with a dopamine serum delivers the perfect method of managing stress, anxiety, and more. Learn more about our products.

About us


Get to Know Us

Simply cheering is a school-made business by students attending Stranahan High. By class choice, mental illness was the topic of choice to create a business. Our class started by learning about how mental illnesses affect lives. Acknowledging and making aware of problems surrounding customers' lives, we began brainstorming potential solutions. Narrowing it all down, we landed on a dopamine diffuser, a product aiming to improve customers' mental health. 

Why we matter

Stress is one of the most common mental stressors amongst mental illnesses. We wanted to find a solution to help reduce or manage stress. That's where Simply Cheerly comes in. Our diffuser, paired with our dopamine serum, aims to help reduce and manage stress. Although we found that stress is not the only thing our company can help with. Stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, sleeping issues, etc, can also benefit. We believe our company can help thousands of people across the world. 

Our Mission

We aim to provide an easy solution to improve your life 

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